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Immigration Services to Canada

We offer consultancy advice and provide a one-stop service for experienced business professionals and companies to immigrate to Canada.  Our dedicated team is comprised of immigration consultant, lawyer, accountant, investment advisor, strategic business and tech start-up professionals. 


Immigration is an important long term strategic investment that will impact your business, you and your family.  The process is often long, time-consuming, detailed, tedious, and at times complex.  We give you a peace of mind by providing you with a tailored action plan, and working with you every step of the way for the following immigration pathways to Canada.

BC Provincial Nominee - Entrepreneur Immigration Program

This program aims at high net worth individuals who wish to invest and operate a business in British Columbia and eventually settle in the province.  Priority and selection for this program is given to candidates who demonstrate highest potential under a scoring system, to create a successful business and to provide economic benefits to the province. 


This is suitable for business professionals who already have a business idea or have years of experience in a certain industry, and would like to operate this business hands-on in British Columbia. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • The personal net worth of minimum CAD$600,000 (subject to verification).

  • Invest minimum CAD$200,000 in an eligible new business or to purchase and improve an existing business in BC.

  • Create at least one new full-time job in your business for a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

  • CLB Level 4 In English or French 

  • Suitable business and/or management experience.

  • Have, or be eligible for, legal temporary immigration status in Canada.

  • Have been lawfully admitted to the country where you currently reside.


The Application Process

Step 1. Registration

Complete an online registration including a short business concept and pay a non-refundable fee of $300. Candidates are scored on the information they provide and are placed in a pool for six months or 180 days, or until they receive an invitation.

Step 2. Invitation

British Columbia carries out regular draws, and candidates who are invited to apply have four months to submit a complete application. The score takes into account English language ability, age, business concept, priority sector and Canadian work experience. 

Step. 3 Net Worth Review

Candidates receiving an invitation to apply will have their net worth reviewed by a third party accountant professional provided by the province. The review includes the amount and source of funds and supporting documents. The candidate is responsible for all costs.

Step 4. Application

Candidates have four months, or 120 days, to submit an application once an invitation is received. Candidates may be required to attend an interview. Approved applicants must sign a performance agreement with the province.  They then have 20 months, or 610 days to implement their business proposal.

Step 5. Building the Business

Candidates receive a letter of support from B.C. to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a two-year work permit. Candidates and their dependents must arrive in B.C. with a valid work permit within 12 months, or 365 days, of receiving a letter of confirmation. The 20 months to implement the business starts when the candidate lands. At the end of the period, candidates must submit a final report to BC government.

Step 6. Nomination for Permanent Residence

Candidates who meet the terms of their performance agreement are nominated for Canadian permanent residence by B.C.

Dependents (where applicable) will also receive nominations.

Start-up Visa Immigration Program

This program aims at innovative entrepreneurs and advisors who wish to operate and/or invest and advise a start-up business in British Columbia.  The purpose of the program is to attract innovative foreign national entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the tech ecosystem in Canada as well as create new employment opportunities.

This is suitable for either tech entrepreneurs to operate this business hands-on in British Columbia or industry advisors with years of experience in a specific field to invest in this business and provide guidance to the entrepreneurs. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Meet minimum language requirements in English or French (CLB Level 5);

  • Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada;

  • Plan to settle in a province in Canada other than the Province of Quebec;

  • Pass Canadian security and medical clearances;

  • Ensure your business plan is supported by a designated organization in Canada;

  • Demonstrate your business meets ownership requirements.

The Application Process

Step 1. Assessment

Contact us to determine whether you would like to apply as the tech entrepreneur (founder) or advisor (limited partner).  We will send then you an assessment form based on your request.

Step 2. Review

Upon receipt of your assessment form, we will review it and contact you in within 2 business days to determine your eligibility. 

Step 3. Start-up setup 

Based on your industry experience, pathway to become a founder or limited partner, and our existing list of projects, we will conduct the business matching; assist in finalizing the business idea; and develop the business plan.  With a completed business plan and make-up of the start-up, we will assist with the process of obtaining a letter of support from the organization designated by the government.  

(Timeline to complete this step is 3-12 months.) 

Step 4. Government submission

Once the start-up has been setup along with the support of the designated organization, we will then send this to the government for review.

(As of November, 2020, the timeline to complete the review process is 12-16 months.)

BC Provincial Nominee - Strategic Projects Program

This program targets foreign-controlled companies (outside of Canada) establishing an eligible business in British Columbia with the timely entry of foreign key managerial, professional or technical staff who intend to become permanent residents of Canada and settle in British Columbia. 

Eligibility Requirements for the Company

  • Make a minimum equity investment of CAD$500,000.

  • Create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for each foreign key staff member proposed (to a maximum of five key staff).

  • Establish or purchase and expand a company in BC.

The Application Process

  1. Exploratory visit to British Columbia

  2. Discuss proposal with BC PNP officials and register the company’s interest to apply

  3. Submit the Application

  4. If approved, the company signs a Performance Agreement with BC. A work permit support letter is issued to each key staff member so they can apply for a two-year work permit.

  5. After the work permit is complete, if the company has met the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement, the key staff members will be nominated for permanent residency.